Tuesday, 10 March 2009

the story so far........

Darling had gone off to live in Spain, and the easy jet/ryanair novelty had long worn off. Something had to give, and the tearful kissing goodbye at miscellaneous airport security desks was no longer something I was prepared to carry on doing. So, when my job started to become unbearably unpleasant, the idea of moving lock stock and smoking barrels to Madrid seemed a no brainer. So here I am..........and it is at first sight harder than I had hoped. The job that I had confidently expected to land with barely a flutter of the eyelashes has proved somewhat elusive and appears to require further (costly) study. My command of Spanish leaves lots to be desired and will need some intensive lessons to bring it up to some sort of standard. So.........here I am, and trusting that it can only get better. Fortunately I am blessed with some wonderful friends and my sisters have been keeping a watchful eye on their crazy sis. So here ends episode one. Hasta Luego!

S x

1 comment:

  1. Well done, you're off onto a great start!

    Like with any adventure there is always some unexpected stuff, but that's what makes the story worth telling and interesting to read.

    Looking forward to read more, especially when you add pictures ... oh what fun!